Idea ID: 1794256

After each CP upgrade, check for inconsistencies with rebuildModelDBSchemaAndViews

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

We see very often that after a Content Pack upgrade we may have some inconsistencies between the Class Model and the Data Model. These inconsistencies are usually noticed when data-in fails or the TQL engine returns errors. 

Customers are often asked to run rebuildModelDBSchemaAndViews on preview to see if such inconsistencies are present.

The current request is to have OOTB behavior to run this JMX method rebuildModelDBSchemaAndViews on preview mode and log the output in mam.packaging.log for future reference. This log is rarely used and after a CP deployment, the customer is already recommended to check this log so any inconsistencies will be easily noticed.

starting with CMS.05 we already have an undocumented API method to check for such inconsistencies similar to the JMX approach (QCCR1H125692 was implemented for the same health check reasons).