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AWS discovery should recognize hosts as windows or linux ci, intead of node ci

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

The customer is using aws discovery job.

It finished successfully.

The customer has concern about the result. It is that all hosts are discovered as node CI.

They request hosts should be discovered as windows and linux ci.


  • We discussed this topic, and agreed that this is an essential missing piece in AWS discovery.

  • The idea has received an initial review to ensure adherence to our idea submission and community guidelines. More information may be needed at this stage and we expect the community to help prioritize the idea with comments and voting

    We have determined how to accomplish this, by capturing the OS platform of the related AMI (Machine Image) used to build the EC2 instance.

  • The problem we have is the AWS API does not tell us what type of OS is installed.  To do this requires talking to the OS directly, which you can do with the core UD tools.  We do know that if System Manager is watching that OS, we can ask System Manager what type of OS is installed, but this isn't something that is "free" to customers of AWS so it's not very useful or prevalent.

    Do you know knowledge of how to request from the AWS API what type of OS is installed on an EC2 instance without the use of System Manager?  Perhaps we're just not understanding something correctly.