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CMS all manuals download

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Already Offered
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Downloading all manuals related to CMS suite with all guides including ucmdb, Universal discovery, UCMDB browser and content pack documentation at one place as a zip.

Earlier we used to have all manuals in CMS Docs Library Link, related to product at one place with HTML document. Iam expecting this kind of link for recent versions also.

Ex: KM01178263


  • I recall the days when documentation PDFs were provided with each release.  There was a lot of benefit to this, but there were also issues.  Most importantly, when we found a document error, or we added/updated an entry in some support matrix, it was impossible to flow that out to people who already downloaded the offline copies.

    The current documentation site does have the ability to generate PDF documents for offline usage.  And it can do this for the current page, or for all nested pages.  If you start at the top of the whole documentation suite and download the PDF, you will get everything (i just tried it to confirm).

    Look at the top of the page and you'll see a "PDF" icon - click on this and you have the choice of generating a PDF of the page in view or "All the pages".

    I realize this PDF isn't formatted the greatest as compared to what you used to get, but this is the capability we have right now.  I can say that we do not plan on returning to the day so off separate offline downloads of help manuals as they were several years ago.