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CMS UI by tenant - DXC is onboarding >800 accounts/tenants

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If you login with a user that is only able to view 1 tenant, then the CMS UI works as expected with filtering only on that tenant.  But in DXC’s case, the folks have access to view all tenants, and it makes the pie charts unusable.  I’d like to have a drop down list for users with access to multiple tenants, on the /ui/home page, to allow a user to select/change the tenant context to show… then all the charts get updated accordingly.  I am asking for the charts (counts, views), and drill down reports – to be tenant aware.


Maybe you make it a different screen, instead of /ui/home.  And maybe you select a single named Pie chart, and it shows the pie chart result for every tenant on the same page.  But still, might be much since the tenant count can be high.  The sky is the limit on how you want to enable it.  But if have to “group by” tenant at the top of each TQL – it doesn’t allow good visibility.  Nor does it allow selecting sets per tenant, or other fancier conditions that are nice on the CMS UI charts.  See below for samples.



These top three are grouped by Tenant Owner, before grouping by the subtypes… but a max of 10 tenants are shown.  And we’ll have 600+. 

I want to see something like this – per tenant – that updates based on the tenant or tenants I have selected:

Instead of this:

Here’s a Template report shown in the Reporting section, instead of the /ui/home section. 


The TQL has the tenant defined as Parameterized, and so you can select the tenant to use in the report section.  This might be a good way to do the charts too… select at the top, apply to all the charts shown.



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