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Create ASM Application Running Software

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over 1 year ago

ASM has become a more generic file system management capability for other DB technologies besides just ORacle. 

As part of the ASM discovery we need to run discovery to the ASM instance, very similar to the data required  for an Oracle instance.  The attributes required are the following

Running software CI

Windows Services or process required by the running software.

  • Additional information about the ASM running software
    • information collection method would be same as collecting for an Oracle Instance after connecting to asm instance with HOST IP/NAME, Instance Name, Port on which ASM instances is being served inline with same method currently used to connect to database instance.

      ASM Instance Name
      ASM Instance Version
      ASM Instance Home
      ASM instance alert log and xml log information.

      Port and IP Address of ASM instance which would part of credentials input in line with database instance discovery for remote connectivity to instance. A reference to an service endpoint used to communicate with the ASM instance.



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