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csv exports should work the same for Java UI and uCMDB Browser

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 1 year ago

Reports that include grouping are exported differently from Java UI than from the uCMDB Browser.

Support confirmed that current Browser behavior is implemented that way. It won't copy and paste data of 1st level into each line of 2nd level (aka how applet ui works right now).

The idea suggested is that the browser should produces the exports the same way as the Java UI.





  • Hi all,

    We have exactly the same problem and we consider this as a bug ...

    We cannot use the CMS UI if we don't have this feature (already available for a long time in the CMS UI)


  • Well, in the list I had, the status of this ER was "Waiting for Votes"

    However, it appears to be something going on with this Idea Exchange tool, as this particular instance of the ER was NEVER in Accepted status.  However, another ER with exactly the same name and details (/it_ops_mgt/ucmdb/i/cms_idea/csv-exports-should-work-the-same-for-java-ui-and-ucmdb-browser) shows that it was in "Accepted" status on the date you mention.

    And when I updated this one, the other one sync'd up to be the same 

    I have escalated this to internal support to see what's going on.

  •  This idea as been Accepted on 2020-01-15 09:06. Why is it back to "Under consideration"?

  • Thanks for all the votes and comments. We are looking into this as a future product enhancement. Check the notifications box to be emailed if the status changes

  • Thank you for sharing your idea! It’s open for comments and kudos, and we’re looking forward to input from the community. Once there is enough community traction, it will be further reviewed by the product team