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Discover the primary IP address by the host connection job

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

Find the Primary IP address using the Host connection by shell job.

This would be in: Universal Discovery - Content - Host Connections

This will be especially helpful for Asset Manager integrations.  In AMPushAdapter, TCPIPAddress in AM is mapped with PrimaryIPAddress attribute in uCMDB.

This could be an alternative to the Inventory Scanner.  Inventory by scanner is missing to populate for a lot of machines the hwNICIPAddressFlags attribute.  It's missing from the scan file and thus the Primary_ip attribute won't include any IP.

This could also help in clustered environments, for example issues with changing attribute for some runningSW CIs which are linked to some nodes part of clustered environment.  The primary_IP attribute is a good indicator of what is running on what IP address, it can make the difference between the clustered IP and the IP of the host which is part of the cluster.  Some customers can't use Inventory on their env due to different restrictions and those customers will benefit from the proper primary_ip attribute.

(Submitted on behalf of Cigna)