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Discovering SQL Error log location

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

The current MSSQL discovery pattern cannot locate MSSQL error logs' location. These logs are crucial for our monitoring team to create monitoning templates that will be used for our customers when they want their MSSQL servers monitored. Someone from the MSSQL team has created a sql command that he hopes will help in expanding the current MSSQL discovery pattern to find the location of the error log files.

Here's the sql command from the MSSQL team member:
value_data AS [Errorlog directory]
FROM sys.dm_server_registry
registry_key LIKE N'%MSSQLServer\Parameters' and convert(varchar,value_data) like '-e%'

This query will provide output as follows –
Errorlog directory

They need to truncate first 2 character i.e. “-e” which will give directory location.
Not quite sure where this directory can be placed once this has been added and we can discover the error log location.


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