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Discovering the InterfaceSpeed for AIX

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over 1 year ago

Initially opened a ticket with MicroFocus to see why we were not getting the attribute InterfaceSpeed populated in our UCMDB instances. With MicroFocus' help and the R&D team, we were able to get the InterfaceSpeed populated for the CIs that we currently have discovered and what needs to be changed in order to gather this data for future discovery. Unfortunately for AIX discovery that proved more problematic and time-consuming for the R&D team and suggested that we enhance the AIX discovery to make it OOTB for future releases of the UCMDB.

They suggested that I upload the following log to help with gathering the speed of the active network interface for AIX servers:

Our LINUX/UNIX/AIX expert explained to me that we didn't find a way to get the Network interface speed from a single command output. Rather found that the NMON is able to send the monitoring sample to a spreadsheet readable file ( like CSV, comma separated file) so we can generate a script to get a couple of samples and grep from this file the data we required; something like this:

     cd  /tmp

     export NMON=n                                                                         - this indicates nmon to caught the network  sample

      nmon  -c 2 -s 5 –f                                                                      - This generates the CVS file at /tmp

     root@labaix72a:/tmp> grep BBBN *.nmon                      - it creates a file called ServerName_date_hour.nmon as example on my server : labaix72a_190819_1503.nmon


BBBN,001,en0,1500,10240,Standard Ethernet Network Interface

BBBN,002,en1,1500,10240,Standard Ethernet Network Interface

BBBN,003,lo0,16896,0,Loopback Network Interface

Here is the data you are looking for , we can grep by en0, en1 instead of BBBN, I used BBBN because I found it is network related.

We need the attribute InterfaceSpeed for our monitoring purposes. This was brought up to us by our Linux team for PDXC that they will need this in the near future for monitoring and although it wasn't mandatory for the initial discovery, they wanted to let us know that way we can look into getting this information and hopefully have it for later when they do need it for creating monitoring templates later for our customers' needs later on when they need it. The MicroFocus R&D team thought this log would be a great thing to post here to hopefully get added to the OOTB UCMDB for just in case someone, somewhere else runs into the same issue when discovering this particular data for AIX.