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Eliminate "recreation" when the CI Type is changed to a sub-type in the same branch

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

When a CI is rediscovered by a specific discovery job and the CI Type is changed the CreatedBy and the CreateTime attributes are reset.

This behavior is expected when the CI type changes to a different branch (i.e. unix to netdevice).

But why is it appled when the CI type is simply made more precise, using a sub-type of a CI type (i.e. node --> host_node --> unix)?

We think it will make more sense to not touch the CreatedBy and the CreateTime attributes in that situation.





  • We investigated this issue, attempting to recreate the problem using CMS 2019.05.  We are able to demonstrate that the behavior requested by this ER is actually already fulfilled with CMS 2019.05.  This means you can resolve the issue by performing an upgrade to the latest CMS version we have available.

    If, in your testing, you find this not to be the case in your environment, please reach out to me and we can re-open this ER and include your findings in our analysis.

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  • Hello,

    I was trying to solve it withing one support case - without result (still open). And be happy not to hear what our Process Managers and Audits say when they can see that the elementary metadata like CreatedBy and CreateTime are not constant but change over time .... indeed it doesn't help  UCMDB/UD to be "source of truth" at all.


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