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Enhance Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner delete capabilities

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago


We use a "standalone" scanner at ~ 3500 nodes, because we could not install an agent for other reasons.

Those "standalone" scanner results are processed by the "Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner Deployment" job. OOTB this job doesn't delete CIs, which are not present on the node anymore (like installed software). Enabnling the automatic deletion for the "Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner Deployment" job doesn't work correctly, because it deletes CIs for other nodes, which are still present.

This leads to wrong inventory data and some of our other processes (like ticket system etc.) are working with wrong data.


Other customers seems to have similar experiences:

Using an enrichment rule is not suitable for us, because we have to create an enrichement rule for every CI type

We need a "Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner Deployment" job, which is able to delete related CIs from the processed nodes (like it is realized in the "regular" Inventory by Scanner job).