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Enhancing the SAP FRUN Discovery Pattern

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Waiting for Votes
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Brief Description

We had been working the PaaS4SAP Offering to discover many objects within  their FRUN LMDB. After running the OOTB FRUN Discovery Pattern, we discovered some gaps. We opened a ticket with MicroFocus to address those gaps but suggested that we log the enhancement of the discovery pattern to the Idea Exchange. They are legitimate enhancements to the initial FRUN discovery that was delivered to DXC. We discussed the enhancements to the FRUN discovery with R&D, and they agreed that strategically the Updating the FUN discovery pattern was the way to go.



We have new customers in the pipeline that we would like to deploy using the UD FRUN discovery, but we cannot move forward until we get the FRUN discovery pattern updated. If we can get the FRUN discovery gaps addressed, our plan is to transition our current customers off of ServiceNow discovery to the FRUN discovery solution. 


Design Details

The Object types are listed below which need to be added into the FRUN discovery topology.

  1. Add the following objects the SAP Topology
    1. SAP ABAP 7.10 and higher
    2. SAP JAVA 7.20 - 7.50
    3. SAP Web Dispatcher 7.10 and higher
    4. SBOP BI Platform 4.0 and higher  (SAP Business Objects)
    5. Apache Tomcat 5.5 and higher
    6. SAP Cloud Connector
    7. SAP Router
  2. Get the FRUN Context ID for all objects discovered via the FRUN pattern and update the GUID attribute already in the data model.  This allows us to capture the unique identifier from the provider and store it into the CMDB for event processing and CI determination processing.
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