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Export Data Flow Probe Keystores and Communication Logs to NFS in containerized CMS

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over 1 year ago


when running SMAX together with CMS on container the data flow probe is running as a separate pod as well.

when running an integration job by this probe it is often necessary to establish a secured communication to the external application. in such cases, in a stand-alone UCMDB, you would store the external's application certificate in either the probe's truststore "ProbeTrustStore.jks" or java keystore "cacerts".

however, in a containerized CMS this does not help as with the next restart of the pod /suite the truststores will be reset. hence my request is to export following probe resources to the SMAX suite NFS:

  • [probe directory]/conf/security/
  • [probe directory]/bin/jre/lib/security/cacerts

furthermore my request is to export the communication logs to NFS:

  • [probe directory]/runtime/communicationLog/