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Implement an OOTB integration for Solarwinds

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

We have a requirement to integrate and discover a divisions Solarwinds environment.  This would allow us to capture various infrastructure and application components without having to agent sensitive servers.

Is there a plan to include this capability in a future discovery module? I've seen a request for this discovery in the old Enhancement Request system but I thought I'd being it up again.


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  • Hey Bill, my hope is that the integration could import all of the inventoried systems and ideally go as far as bringing in software information.  I've attached some screenshots so you can get a sense of the info stored in solarwinds.  When you say datasource, are you referring to  their API? 

    From my understanding , anything we see in our interface on Solarwinds is fair game for data extraction via API's

  • Can you describe in a bit more detail what type of integration you would be looking for.  That is, what type of CIs would be captured and how would you see them modelled.  When I look at Solarwinds, I see a tool that seems to monitor and manage a collection of infrastructure, but not necessarily a data source.