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Implement discovery of ECS on the EMC ECS 3.1 platform.

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over 2 years ago

There is a need to discovery the S3 Storage buckets allocated by a tenant or business entity in a manner that would allow the discovery to model the S3 buckets. The data must be segragated by the namespace created for the particular tenant, business, or organization.  The structure would look something like below.

The Text Below is a sample of what will be defined in the ECS 3.1 or DXC StaaS offering. While this is specific to DXC needs some or all of the parts may be applicable to the ECS 3.1 interface in general.
Yes, very similar, except we won’t have any EBS or Snaps or Logical Volumes constructs -- We’d have everything around Storage Buckets. The logical tenant architecture for our ECS storage platform would simplistically look like:

-- ECS configuration Plane:

 Provides capability to create Logical Tenants, in Region / Locale: E.g.: AUST-EAST
 TENANTS: Logical Name Space that is tied to particular Customer – E.g.: Coke or Pepsi
 BUCKETS: Under specific Tenant – Logical storage containers / Buckets
 Access Service Endpoints: Publishes the S3 compatible Bucket-endpoint (URI) for End-Customers
 S3 Virtual Host-style addressing URL schema
 S3 Path-style addressing URL schema