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Improve performance of the Asset Management Integration for Installed Software and Utilization push

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over 2 years ago

When we moved from the Connect-It HPAM integration to the CMDB HPAM Integration Adapter, we experienced a severe degredation in performance specifically with the push of Installed Software and Utlizations from CMDB to HP Asset Manager.   The issue is the volume of the push.  With Connect-It we were able to push 1,500,000 Installed Software CI's from DDMi to HPAM in 2 days.  Currently the same volume takes 4 days between CMDB and HPAM despite a large increase in system resources.  Similarly, 800,000 Utilizations took hours whereas it now takes 2 days.

Based on various CMS Practitioner calls, it seems we are not alone.  Some customers went back to Connect-It, some never moved off, and some re-wrote the Integration entirely.  I would like to highlight this issue so we can get some traction to resolve it.  Unfortunately, I dont have a proper solution... some options:

-replace the IA with a Connect-It scenerio (not my prefernce, I'd like to manage all integrations from CMDB)

-Implement Connect-It administration within the CMDB UI

-Utilize the API

-Any other ideas?

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