Idea ID: 1643546

Improve troubleshooting and debugging of missing CIs (CIs not discovered by UD)

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago

Please improve Check Network Availailability function because debugging and troubleshooting require appropriate tools. Especially when yout try to find systems that are not discovered but should be.  Common first step is to check their availability via Check Network Availailability. See the picture attached. In this context please :
1) put this action as a button to icon bar (and do not require to search Node first). It is often necessary to check availability of desired element quickly (without having search Node first)
2) Support entering not only IP but hostname as well  - (the target) IP would be obtained  by UCMDB via ping or nslookup automatically in background).
3) In result please show (add) more info needed for debugging like :

    UDA installed on the target : yes or no
    UDA UDuniqueID is :
    UDA GlobalID is :

    Node exists : yes or no
    Node hostname is :
    Node GlobalID is:
    Node UDuniqueID is:

Thank you