Idea ID: 1652401

Include needed Full-SAI Catalog updates into recent KnowledgePack updates

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

Every time I came to download the latest KnowledgePack for UniversalDiscovery - because of a simple software catalog update - it is recommended to download the latest ContentPack before updating the catalog to actual release of this KP.

Reading the release notes for the latest KnowledgePack therefore always refers to downloading the last ContentPack, only to have prerequisted FULL-ZSAI beforehand.

For a customer who needs the latest KnowledgePack, but not the latest ContentPack, it is an additional effort to download this ContentPack. Such it means to download two times for a customer only to update the last Catalog-update.

This could be prevented, if you provide FULL-ZSAI in your latest release of a KnowledgePack.

  • With the release of Inventory Discovery Knowledge Pack for 2018.07, we have implemented this feature.  From this point forward, the full SAI content will be included in each IDK.  YOu will no longer be required to pull the full pack from the most recent CP and then apply the deltas for the following two releases.  Full documentation is included in the 2018.07 IDK.

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