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Increase size of two attributes that are to small in Azure CIs, needed to prevent discovery from failing

Status : Accepted

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We have recently upgraded to CP 2021.08 and have experienced that the size of two attributes are to small to store the data received from Azure:

1: CI Type azure_web_app, attribute self_link, size is 200. I increased it to 300

2: CI Type azure_databricks_workspace, attribute resource_tags,  size is 255. I increased it to 400.

- Should this information rather be stored in data_tags attribute?

I have tried to increase the size only a little more than the minimum required, so it may be cases where my settings are to low.


  • I also needed to increase the size of yet another attribute ir order for Azure discovery to run without failing:

    3: CI Type cloud_service, attribute type_properties, size is 500, I increased it to 750