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-Brief Description

There is reasons that we buy inventory only licenses because that is all that we want.  We didn’t care about the topology of them.  However, all topology discovery adapters will discover them regardless whether we want them to be inventory only or not.  This is so because the routers and switches and vCenter that provide those topology information like Layer2, will provide details of all connected devices. 


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Inventory license only devices need to have a place of its own without regard to how the operation of the topology discovery adapters.  Topology connection information for those inventory license only devices can either be withheld or not getting update at all.


-Benefits / Value

Keep the integrity of the product licensing to a point that customer can validate and plan accordingly.


-Explain why is this important? (When used, by which role, and benefits / value)

If product license options that are sold on the basis of Full or Basic, then they must be honor as such.  The dynamic change of consumed licenses, that are due to discovery adapters, isn’t something that we customers can have control because those discovery adapters themselves have no control inherently.  This dynamic change actually is causing major headache because we have no control over how each device is to consume the license and thereby getting penalized for violation.


Additionally, because the license consumption is an attribute that cannot be changed, all license updates by the discovery adapters are final, and change can only be done by deleting all nodes. This is very disruptive and unmanageable because all history will be gone, and the management and reporting of configuration changes will not be possible.