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Issue while add the IP range From Management Zone

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Our Customer is using UCMDB 11.0 and have raised an issue where UCMDB is allowing to add the IP ranges via Management Zone. We have opened a support case SD02513002 but Product Support has pointed us to the Idea Exchange.

Here are the steps to replicate the Problem - While creating a new Management Zone. Click New -> Specify Management zone name -> Define Partial Ranges on Domain -> Click * To add new range in management Zone (Give some IP which is not defined in probe range) & Save.

System is allowing to save the Range even if IPs are not added on probes.. Customer is requesting us  to give us a warning pop up that this IP is not available in Probe so that they can take the corrective action.

As per Support, it is a product feature but customer has asked us a question Why Product is allowing us to add those IP ranges which are not available in Probes, if there is no way to track them. This is what our documentation states - " When running a zone-based discovery, the system dynamically dispatches discovery jobs to live IP addresses only in the IP ranges defined for management zones. During the dispatch, domain-based IP ranges will be converted to probe-based IP ranges, and invalid IP addresses will be skipped."

So, how the customer will come to know if by mistake they forgot to add some of the ranges in Probe & later adding it directly in Management Zone. Customer Expectation is to get a hot Fix for this issue. Can anyone from Product be able to help us in getting the Fix?



Atul Gupta

Atul Gupta