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Linux Probe Installer enhancement

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Already Offered
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over 1 year ago

The Linux installer is created in the same manner as it is done for Windows. But on Windows it is a common case to get administrative rights if you need them. On Unix it is the complete opposite. If root-permissions are needed you will only get them if you can explain for what exactly you need them. For the Probe installer this currently impossible. It is a black box.

Beside that the installer creates a user named “postgres”. This user is already installed on customer Linux system with a predefined UID. If a different UID is used the owner of the VM gets a mail by their security department because of an uncommon installation for what an attack might be the root cause.

So what would be really helpful is to have the possibility to divide the installation in two parts.

  1. The one that be done without root permissions. E.g. copying all the files to the installation folder.
  2. And the other one that can only be done with root permission. But this should not be a package but a script instead.

So depending on how the organization works you will get root permissions to execute the script or everything in it can be done step by step by the Linux support.