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Multiple CI History Report Enhancment

Status : Archived
over 3 years ago

From a topology view map it is possible to multiple displayed CIs and from the right click menu generate a combined history report for all them.   I would like to see a column added with the Globlal Id for each history line item to make it easier to correlate history items when sorting on various columns in the report.

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  • Thanks for the details, I have change the status to let the community review the idea.

  • This came out of a debugging session with R&D where they asked about the sequence of CI creation and attributes population..  It was easy to show the objects in a view, but I also needed a way to report the CI History for comparison.  I was able to export the combined history information, but it lacked a way to determine which CI each line item belonged to.

    So in the CMS UI, a TQL CI History Report function would be the suggestion.

  • Hi Thom, Can you please share some thoughts about merging this feature into the new CMS UI? As you might know, we do not invest anymore in the admin java based UI, only in the CMS UI (UCMDB Browser, with the new modules as was released in version11).