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Optimize the scan of multiple shared filesystems

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over 3 years ago

A FileSystem can be shared by a NAS-filer or similar.
This NFS can be mounted on several systems at the same time. The customer wants to prevent scanning the same shared FS from each End-System. The NFS should be scanned once (maybe directly from filer?)

Exclude NFS scans from End-Systems within scanner configuration file?
And only scan for the Server which is hosting the NFSs and create a relationship where the FS are mounted ?
Designate an End-System to scan a specific NFS but no other System is allowed to scan?

Discovery used:
Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner Deployment

Please supprt this idea ER as the current method of scanning a NFS is time and resource consuming.

The Manual scanner should run in a diff mode for NFS shares so the load will be much lower.


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