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Overview process overview for Discovery & Integrations

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over 1 year ago

Debugging discoveru, is currently very anying, information is spread over several log files.
If they are not on the right loglevel you will not find you issue.

I would like to see in 1 overview, the status of a CI.
InformationI like to see.
1. Is the CI triggered in a discovery
2. What is the current status,
    Queued --> Sent to Probe --> Position in  Queue (when will it be executed) --> Discovery Outcome --> Send to Server or Position X in Sent Queue --> Reconciliation Outcome, successfulll or ignored or merged and if not enough reconciliation data, what data is sent and what is still missing.

The same applies for Integrations, sometimes it takes a long time before a Job will actually start, the Job is queued in for us a black box. No idea on why it is not started or howfar the Job is in the queue.

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