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Population of VMware storage topology (mapping between Drive C: -> VMware Datastore)

Status : Accepted
over 2 years ago

Dear all,

We would like to see population of VMware storage topology that will include population of mapping between Drive C: down to VMware datastore. 

The change should most probably touch both VMware Topology by VIM as well as Resources by Shell/WMI.




  • Thanks a lot for all your great work!

  • This is a lot of great work our company would be very interested in using this capability for our VMWare discovery topology.

  • First of all, I am in awe of what you've done - great job!  I'll be reaching out to you all offline to see what can be done.

  • Jocelyn, great explanation of what that discovery module does.

     - this is another one of the module we developed for storage discovery.

  • We were able to add the relationship you are referring to by developing a new discovery module called "OS Storage by Shell", which works both on Windows and Linux. The module works with UD by sending commands such as wmic, PowerShell, lsblk, fdisk and then parsing the output. The two key missing links are:

    • From the Logical Volume (ex: "\\?\Volume{...}") to Disk Device (ex: \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0) in the OS
    • From the Disk Device in the OS (ex: \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0) to the Logical Volume in VMware (ex: Hard disk 1)

    The diagram below shows and end-to-end view from the Filesystem of a Windows virtual machine to the SAN volume, all done with auto-discovery. In order to achieve this, we implemented four (4) discovery modules.

    We would be happy to share our discovery module and help improve UD and uCMDB.  is our expert developer who wrote the "OS Storage by Shell" discovery and who also tweaked other discovery modules in order to get this result.