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Provide in the New UI a "DataIn Scheduler overview"

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over 2 years ago

It's difficult to tell if the dataIn sources overlap and when so if the reconciliation engine is overwhelmed the user is forced to go through a lot of log files in order to understand the root cause. If this is caused by improperly configured scheduled actions which overlap then this needs to be confirmed from various sources as we don't have a centralized option to see how the scheduler is configured.

The main data-in sources are discovery, enrichment, integrations (push or pull).

We can't control the push integrations which create CI in the destination UCMDB but we can control the population flows via their scheduler option.

We need an option which can represent graphically the current various schedulers (we have one Admin UI option for discovery, another one for population flows and a completely different one for the enrichment) aggregated in one place whit color codes.

Red should be the busiest moments (more than 4 data-in sources collide or overlap), yellow is for 2-3 data-in sources and green only 1 data-in source. Maybe blue for no scheduled data-in?

This will help the UCMDB admin to rethink it's discovery, integration or enrichments schedulers so reconciliation engine will process CIs in a timely manner and DB deadlock will be better avoided.

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