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Remove BIOS UUID from identification rules

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Using BIOS UUID as an attribute in the identification rules is a problem because it's no longer stable in today's virtual enviornments.  VMware documents that the UUID can change when a VM is moved or copied.  IN the case of copying a VM, the fact that it changes is good.  In the case of moving a VM, the fact that it can change is bad, as UD would consider the VM a different server, even though nothing else has changed

Please take the BIOS UUID out of the identification rule

(submitted on behalf of Cigna)

  • Unfortunately, this is not something that we can change.  There are 2 main reasons

    1. There is a use case to keep the BIOS UUID in the identificaiton rules because when a VM is copied, the BIOS UUID chanigng is the correct action, and UCMDB should create a different CI as a result.

    2. This BIOS UUID rule has been in place for a long time.  If we were to pull this out of the identification rules OOTB, the impact on all customers could be significant.

    Therefore, the only option is for a cusotmer with this issue to modify the OOTB identification rules to account for how their own business addresses this problem.  This is not a change we can globally make to the UCMDB product