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UCMDB Browser users should be able to create reports only in a specified folder

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over 3 years ago

A user requires create/view permissions on the root folder to create a report
Consider the following structure:
If we grant create/view permission on folder2 for that user he will be able to create/view the report in folder2, however he will be able to create a report under the root folder too (which is not desired).
As well, in the Browser, a user will select the folder he's entitled to see and create a report under it. However if the user clicks on root, a report will be created there.

If we grant Create permission for a specific folder, the uCMDB Browser non-admin users should be able to create reports only in that specific folder AND NOT within Root folder.


User Management
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  • Hi Tony,

    On our end it definitely allows the users to create reports everywhere under Root.
    Here is what we are using:

    uCMDB version: 10.32.116
    CP 21.00.75

    uCMDB Browser version: 4.13.94



  • Hi Mike,

    After I made some tests on this requirement, I confirmed at least in UCMDB Browser 11.1 and 11.2, users can only create reports in specific folder, not root folder in Browser side.

    Please review my test steps:

    1. I created 2 users with “Create View” permissions. User names are TestReport1 and TestReport2.
    2. In Browser side, when I login with user TestReport1 and created some reports, all these reports will be saved at Root/Basic Reports/TestReport1 folder which is related to current user name.
    3. Login with another user TestReport2, the new report would be saved at Root/Basic Reports/TestReport2 folder.

    May I get the Browser's version number in your environment?

    I will double check the report modules in same version build.


    Best Regards,



  • This seems like more of a bug than an enhancement.... I too would expect that when I explicetly assign a folder to a user/group, that is ALL they can access...

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