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UCMDB F5 Unknown/Redirection VIPs Discovery

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1 month ago


In UCMDB, for the VIPs in F5 not in the pool. Even they really exist, but UCMDB will not create LoadBalancingCluster and ClusterResourceGroup and its VIPs in uCMDB. So when we check the F5 instance inside uCMDB, we can not see these VIPs even if they are in F5. 

For getting better reports from UCMDB, these VIPs should be created. After asking LB guys from my side, they said that some of VIPs doesn't binded any pool because these VIPs that gets traffic from http:80 redirected to https:443(for redirection). 

From the code of jython these VIPs are getting error from below:

#report virtual servers only with links to cluster for virtualServerHelper in nameToVirtualServerHelper.values(): if virtualServerHelper.hasAtLeastOneParentCluster(): self.add_vserver(virtualServerHelper, virtualserver_dict) for name, pool_osh in virtualServerHelper.poolLinks.items(): virtualServerHelper.linkToContainingCluster(pool_osh, name) break else: logger.debug("Virtual server %s was not reported since it is not linked to any cluster" % virtualServerHelper)  

To sum up: Every VIP's even if they are available or not or unknown or they are using for redirection, should be reported to UCMDB. They may not have any servers behind but It should create at least F5->LoadBalancingCluster->ClusterResourceGroup->IPServiceEndPoint and while reporting it customer knows these VIP's are there but not usable right now.

I request R&D to test this situation and have these VIPs reportable to UCMDB.