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UCMDB job status change after job not started at scheduled time

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago


i would like to suggest a change in UCMDB UI Job displayed status when the job was not started at scheduled time.

My Customers expectation is to see in UI (informationally for Admin or Operator) that the job was not run at scheduled time.
Now, once the job skippes (no mather the reason) the scheduled run, We still see the latest status - in our case Successfull (green, which is actually wrong),
Proper status in that situation should be anything else but not "green", because there was something disturbing in correct working.

In my case, the skipped job has been found, because some very important system (MF Service Manager) was not supplied with fresh data and Business unit was lack with info.
For instance. Think about some less important system which was not supplied 5 or 10 times in row. In UCMDB UI We would still see a SUCCESS status.


KR, jakub


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