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UCMDB, SiteScope Web UI opening issue in RHEL workstations on FireFox browser.

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over 2 years ago


One of our customer is having all linux workstation with RHEL 7.1 installed on them on which all ITOM module's web UI will be accessed for day to day work. unfortunately Web UI is not properly opening on those Linux Workstations in default Firefox browser( v31.4.0 ESR ) that comes with RHEL 7.1 OS.

please consider this and make it available ASAP as this is for a very high value customer.



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  • Hi Bill,


    There was a ticket submitted(SD02378393) for the same but they closed it saying that its not a break fix issue and suggested to submit Idea on CMS idea exchange.




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  • This problem appears to be a defect and not an ER.  Please let me know if you've submitted a ticket for this issue ( and send me the ticket number.  If you have submitted a ticket, and they've told you this in an ER, please let me know that as well, and I can confirm it as such.

  • This seems more like a defect than an ER. Have you submitted a ticket and been told it does not work in this OS/software configuration?  If so, please send me the ticket number