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UD licensing documantation is not concrete concerning the custom discoveries

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

The documentation about the license usage for custom UD adapters is not concrete. For example in this 11+ guide ( we see: "Workstations will never consume an Advanced license” BUT in the table we see that only Advanced discovery includes 'Customized discovery' AND it’s not clear what will happen with the generic ‘Node’ with no enough attributes to determine if it’s a server or workstation. It makes it difficult to predict the license usage before releasing the adapter. This part should be more concrete, if there's always 1 unit per node or there are options - this should be clearly stated here. In general the guide should be more concrete.





  • Send me a private note ( and I'll send you a draft of the updates to our documentation for this request.  I'd like your input if the changes I made meet your needs.  Once we are agreed, I'll request the documentation updates online to be made as well.

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