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use 503 HTTP code and "Retry-After" header for too many requests

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over 1 year ago

Dear Micro Focus

As an industry standard every tools want to consume REST-APIs. We are planning to extensively make use of the uCMDB REST-API but recently detect the API limitation of 15 requests / second.

With the current implementation of the uCMDB REST-API we are unable to scale for multiple data consumers.

Especially with chunked data retrieval you have very soon more than 15 requests/second.


We suggest the following enhancement:

Instead of return HTTP code 500 in case of reaching the 15 requests limitation a HTTP 503 with header “Retry-After” should be returned.

In this case the client can handle the overload. This is best practice and documented in IETF (

You can also see on several discussions at that this is best way to implement such a limitation:


Relevant section @IETF RFC2616 10.5.4


uCMDB REST API Limitation was found here:


Best regards,