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Use relation's properties in reports

Status : Accepted
over 2 years ago

Currently you can use (display) in report properties of CI only. But many information can be in relations between CIs. It would be great to have ability to display in report properties of relations between CIs.


We have multiple relations between BusinessApplication and Person according with their roles (some use it, some support, some manage and so on). If I want create report for BusinessApplications and related persons I need add in TQL so many person as manytype of relation I want display. But if I would have ability to display name of relation as one of columns this TQL would be easy but report more user friendly.

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  • We often have many relationship of type "Support" between a CI and a functional group. The relationship have a Priority attribute indicating in which order the groups should be contacted in case of an incident. Although we can add a filter in a TQL saying that we only want the primary group (Priority=1), we would like to include all groups in a view/report and just add a column with its priority.

    In another case, we created a "Replicated" relationship between two Logical Volume discovered from our SAN. In the relationship property, we populated the Description attribute with some detail about the replication configuration such as (sync, async, bulk, etc.). We would like to be able to include that attribute in a view/report.

  • Another scenario when this might be useful for report filtering is when you want to filter based on a relationship's Create Time or Last Access Time attributes, for example between a Hypervisor / Virtualization Layer Software CI and a Node (virtual machine) so as to check how recently the node was "touched" by a virtualization discovery.

  • Exact situation on our side ... type of relationship between a CI and Person is good example! The same relationship between Business Application and related SLA, contracts etc.


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