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VLAN-ID Detail missing in Hyper-V Discovery

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

VLAN-ID Detail missing in Hyper-V Discovery
• Brief Description
 • Hyper-V Topology by Shell/WMI does not discover any VLAN information for Hyper-V like it does with Vmware vCenter.
• Benefits / Value
 • VLAN Information is critical configuration management information. If a VLAN were to change then connectivity of a server could be affected.
 • We do this for Vmware – so why not for Hyper-V…
 • Our Business is related to Recovery (DR), so missing VLAN configuration information means we cannot support customers wishing to be recovered from Hyper-V environments.
• Design details
 • Out of the box Hyper-V discovery should provide VLAN ID for each server.
 • VLAN ID of 0 (zero) is a valid VLAN ID in Hyper-V setup, so you should not filter this value. A VLAN can have a value of zero.