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Vmware vCenter ESX Host by VIM discovery job

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

We would like a separate discovery job or an option to Vmware vCenter Topology by VIM job to only discover the ESX hosts and relationships. We have some vCenters that have lab or temporary build VMs that we are not interested in collecting any data about the VMs or their relationships. We are interested in discovering the underlying physical infrastructure that is the ESX Hosts.

With newer versions of vCenter there is no longer an OS or option to access the ESX Hosts directly to discovery attributes such as Model, Serial Number, CPU, Memory and Host name. The only option is to use the Vmware VIM API to query the vCenter about the associated ESX Hosts. We would like to see from the vCenter host down to the ESX host including the relationship to the vCenter cluster and vCenter Datacenter folders. This information is needed in order to uniquely identify each ESX Hosts. There are cases were poor management of ESX Hosts will leave the host name localhost and the only difference between ESX Hosts is the parent folder structure. We would like to see this as a basic inventory job.

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