Support Tip: GDBA - how to execute groovy script within GDBA?


In regards to GDBA please refer to the document

and the following details:

Generally, groovy scripts only work for mapping files as transformers. They are used to convert data property and value.

Following are all the OOB transformers.

1. Add/remove suffix for a field value

2. Add/remove prefix for a field value

3. Transfer a field value between Sting and byte[]

4. Delimit Integer, String, List values transformer

5. Transfer a date field between cmdb date and external long.

6. Transfer an ENUM field between cmdb ENUM and external ENUM

7. Ignore case transformer

You can also customize a new transformer in a groovy script.

Please refer to the OOB db-adapter as an example.

Line 3 of transformations.txt shows how to use your groovy as a transformer.

In line 16 of simplifiedConfiguration.xml, GenericEnumTransformer(generic-enum-transformer-example.xml) is used to transfer field between Ucmdb ENUM to external DB ENUM.

The generic-enum-transformer-example.xml shows the rule of the transformer

You can also read the full support tip here.



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