Support Tip: Upgrade APM 9.50 to 9.51 failed



APM 9.50 (RTSM / uCMDB 11.0) Upgrade to APM 9.51 (RTSM / uCMDB 11.4)
Oracle database (No high-availability)

The value of multi-tenancy settings cannot be changed during the APM upgrade

The Oracle database user for the CMDB schema should have privileges to execute DBMC_LOB package


During the first startup after the upgrade wizard (9.50 to 9.51) on the DPS Server, BSM_ODB / odb service didn't start (status Starting)
After a certain time, a recurring error may be seen in C:\HPBSM\odb\runtime\log\odb\error.log:

2021-01-09 12:58:07,878 ERROR [Starter for "tql_res_utils" (during Writer server startup). (customer 1, id name: Default Client)] ( - Failed to start component [tql_res_utils]
appilog.framework.shared.manage.impl.MamResponseException: appilog.framework.shared.manage.impl.MamResponseException: [ErrorCode [-2147483648] undefined error code]

The same message occurs in C:\HPBSM\log\odb_boot.log and cmdb.dal.server.log


The problem was caused by a TQL / View that could not be validated during the ODB service startup. The failure of tql_res_utils module leads to upgrade failure

  1. A hotfix has been created on how to add a DEBUG log for TQL validation. For deployment follow the read me file in the attached archive 
  2. Remove the problematic TQL/View by using the uCMDB JMX method deleteView
    Enter the Customer ID: 1
    Enter the View name: <View_Name>
    NOTE: Use this JMX method in the same DPS where the ODB startup got stuck
  3. Restart APM services by using the Windows menu “Disable Microfocus Application Performance Management”, followed by “Enable Microfocus Application Performance Management
  4. After approximately 15 minutes, all services will be up and running
     NOTE: You may see an error ERROR  [Starter for "tql_res_utils" … related to the TQL/View in the first few minutes
  5. The “Staging Upgrade” was closed when the upgrade Wizard was run. Here clean-up of old environment-specific information is taken care of by staging upgrade method. No need to run a separate DR-cleanup script. (Staging Upgrade Link:
    It is recommended to use Staging Upgrade when performing production upgrades to avoid production downtime
After the APM upgrade, decrease the TQL validation log level. Instructions can be found in the hotfix readme file. 

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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