Support Tip: UCMDB - AM Push - Preventing updates to Software CIs when pushing Node updates



AM Generic Adapter 1.05
UCMDB 11.0 onwards
No OS dependency


In the UCMDB - AM Generic Adapter, the TQL for creating / updating AM records by a  Installed Software CI push is dependent by design on the TQL for node push.  However this means that OOTB any update to a node attribute automatically creates an update  push to all the node's Software CI's even if none of the Software CIs have changed. There is a way though to prevent this automatic update from happening in UCMDB versions 11.0 onwards 


The  issue comes from the fact  that the TQL "AM Installed Software Normalized Push 2.0" by default has in its layout the Last Access Time attribute. .This will update at every change.


Follow this advice to enable Delta Synchronization based on TQL Query Layout

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Although the link above quotes 2020.08, this feature has been confirmed by R&D to be present in versions 11.0 onwards

Use the Modeling Studio to remove the Last Access Time attribute from the layout of TQL "AM Installed Software Normalized Push 2.0" 

You can also view the full support tip here.

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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