UCMDB Support Tip: Discovery of SMAX Kubernetes


Discovery of SMAX Kubernetes: Below steps can be performed to discover Kubernetes Topology of SMAX application:

PART 1 - To get FQDN & port of SMAX of kubernetes cluster
[root@test KubernetesDiscovery]# kubectl cluster-info
Kubernetes control plane is running at https://<SMAX FQDN>:<PORT>
CoreDNS is running at https://<SMAX FQDN>:<PORT>/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/services/kube-dns:dns/proxy
To further debug and diagnose cluster problems, use 'kubectl cluster-info dump'.
[root@test KubernetesDiscovery]#

Ref: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/administer-cluster/access-cluster-services/

look fo "kubectl cluster-info"

PART 2 - Configure the URI endpoint
Ref: https://docs.microfocus.com/itom/Universal_Discovery_Content_Pack:2021.11/KubernetesDscvry

1. On UCMDB UI, choose Data Flow Management > Adapter Management.
2. Click (Find resource), enter UriEndpointConfiguration.xml in the Name field, and then click Find Next.
3. In UriEndpointConfiguration.xml, set the proper Data Flow Probe name on which the UriEndpoint trigger runs, and then set the url and type as follows:
where <SMAX FQDN>:<PORT> is extracted from from PART 1
<dataflowprobe name="<Data Flow Probe name>">
<url>https://<SMAX FQDN>:<PORT>/</url>

PART 3 - Extract the token & configure that in HTTP protocol credential
1. Generate a service account token for Kubernetes discovery credential as per above link

PART 4 - Run the discovery job
Ref: https://docs.microfocus.com/itom/Universal_Discovery_Content_Pack:2021.11/KubernetesDscvry
1. Manual UriEndpoint Discovery: discovers the kubernetes UriEndpoint.
2. Kubernetes Discovery by RESTful API: discovers the kubernetes topology.

Optional Troubleshooting -

curl https://<SMAX FQDN>:<PORT>//api/v1/namespaces/ -k
"kind": "Status",
"apiVersion": "v1",
"metadata": {

"status": "Failure",
"message": "Unauthorized",
"reason": "Unauthorized",
"code": 401


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