(UCMDB) Support Tip: Jobs keep re-dispatching CI queue does not decrease


In the event one wants to check for corrupted data in the server dispatch table, it is suggested to run the following command:

1. In a command prompt go to UCMDBServer\runtime\log

2. Issue the following command sequence:

Linux: grep "Redispatching this job" mam* | grep "11-22"

Windows: find "Redispatching this job" mam* | find "11-22"

Where the second clause match the day that one wish to search on:

For example this command will state which jobs are being re-dispatched on day 22nd November.


Example output:

The probe PRB10033 is not updated with the trigger CIs of job:Host Connection by SNMP. Redispatching this job

The probe PRB0040 is not updated with the trigger CIs of job:NetApp Filer by WebServices. Redispatching this job


The Host Connection by SNMP job has dirty data on probe PRB10033.
The NetApp Filer by WebServices job has dirty data on probe PRB0040.



1. If the probe is in the probe limit of the job, try deactivate and activate the job

2. If the probe is not in the probe limit, filter the triggers by probe name and remove the triggers. Deactivate and activate job is also an option.


Note: Deactivate job will clean the discovery cache on the probe side, means next time the job will bring more results and can cause some pressure on the server detain function.


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    Ana Hi! Please help me understand. My ucmdb dispatch queue is very large, and i can't understand why, and how can i fix it?

    Maybe i can find table with dispatch queue in UCMDB Server or something else? 
    And where i can find list of jobs in queue ?