Universal Discovery & CMDB Video Library


This video library lists how-to videos that help you to understand how to use certain features and capabilities of UCMDB.

Videos have been recorded using a certain product version, but in many cases, they apply also to later versions as details have not changed at all or have only slightly changed.

UCMDB: Disable TLS version lower than 1.2

This video contains the demonstration of disabling the lower version of TLS in both uCMDB and Probe server.


UCMDB: How to Enable Agent Debug Log

This video contains the demonstration of enabling the Agent debug log for UCMDB product.


What are Zookeeper and Solr?

This is a brief introduction to Zookeeper and Solr as used by Universal CMDB


CMDB et Observabilité

La CMDB au coeur de vos opérations IT et de l'observabilité


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