(UCMDB) Support Tip: HP _Network_Automation adapter cannot be saved after changes



Universal Configuration Management Database(UCMDB) 23.4


In Integration Studio, set up the integration with NA. When the job is activated, uncheck the 【Used as Integration Adapter】 of HP Network Automaiton by Java adapter, save it, then the NA integration point is disappeared. If 【Used as Integration Adapter】 is checked again, the changes cannot be saved.
The following error message appears:
"Changes cannot be saved. The following jobs are active: HP Network Automation by java"


1. Log in to JMX console-> Enter UCMDB:service=URM Services-> Click listResource Type -> CustomerID Enter 1-> Click invoke
2. Click Discovery_ADAPTER_METADATA -> Find the adapter you want to change, such as HP_Network_Automation_by_java -> Open the corresponding Resource XML
3. Change the corresponding values ​​of isUsedForIntegration and isUsedForIntegrationCP10 in the Resource XML from false to true, and then save.
4. Go to the UI interface of ucmdb and you can see the NA integration point that disappeared before. Change the integration point to the inactive state, then right-click go to adapter to check 【use as Integaration Adapter】 and save it.


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