Database Trends & Applications: Micro Focus Adds New Analytics to Drive Full-Stack AIOps


Micro Focus Adds New Analytics to Drive Full-Stack AIOps
Database Trends & Applications
October 7, 2020

According to Micro Focus, with the new ITOM COSO Data Lake, users that have multiple Micro Focus ITOM products, such as Operations Bridge, Network Operations Management, and Data Center Automation, will be able to quickly access data for both dashboards and historical reporting from the same data store. Instead of relying on queries from multiple databases, this data will already be time-sequenced and normalized to facilitate effective cross-domain reporting and to deliver new insights across the IT estate. Whether using the provided reporting or their own BI tools, the open architecture of COSO will facilitate flexibility in reporting to meet the needs of the organization.

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Raquel Winkler
Micro Focus Community Manager
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