Ovum Report: AIOPs Transforming the Role of IT


Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into IT operations management can accelerate your organization’s growth, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. But you can’t deliver desired business outcomes with technology alone. AI for IT operations (AIOPs) must be matched with organizational maturity and readiness or it will fail to deliver the promised benefits. Read “Ovum Report: AIOPs Transforming the Role of IT” to determine the operational maturity of your organization and match the right AIOps technology to your needs.

Learn how

  • The seven key characteristics every AIOPs solution should have
  • The key characteristics of an AIOps solution
  • How to use process change to map out a transformation

Discover the best practices for the implementing AIOps and matching the right tool to your needs. Use the form at right to download the “Ovum Report: AIOPs Transforming the Role of IT” today.


Raquel Winkler
Micro Focus Community Manager
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