July 2 ITOM SIG: Simplifying Hybrid IT Complexity – Addressing IT Operations 4 Core Challenges


Simplifying Hybrid IT Complexity – Addressing IT Operations 4 Core Challenges

A fresh approach to becoming an agile services organization

We invite you to register today to secure your place for the IT Operations Management Special Interest Group at Virtual Realize on Thursday, 2 July 2020 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. BST.

During this engaging virtual event, we will be examining what the ‘new normal’ is, how the way we measure business service health is changing, and the impact serverless computing is having on monitoring of infrastructure components.

Join our team of IT Operations experts as we discuss strategic solutions to your top four operational transformation challenges your distributed hybrid environment poses to your IT Ops Team. Most importantly, we will explore how to deliver agile services that optimize the user-experience.

Session Highlights –

During this Special Interest Group, we offer fresh solutions to:

  • Migrating, deploying, and governing cloud and on-premise workloads.
  • Switching to automated monitoring and remediation – powered by AIOps.
  • Improving the user experience for consumers of IT Ops as a Service.
  • Monitoring, managing, and adapting your distributed IT ecosystem.

You will hear from our team of IT Operations Specialists including Ken O’Hagan, PreSales Director Northern Europe and South Africa, Jeremy Brown, Dominic Colson, and Stuart Ellershaw from our UK&I ITOM Software Strategy Team.

Agenda :

Introduction: Keeping the Lights On—What Does That Require?

Have you moved your vital applications to the cloud, but kept your backend systems on premises? In this session, we’ll examine the challenges your distributed systems pose to IT operations teams. You’ll get answers to four key questions:

  1.            Do your employees and customers have digital access to vital applications?
  2.            How are you going to monitor all applications across multiple environments?
  3.            Is the new user experience supporting employee efficiency and productivity?
  4.            Can you manage and transform your distributed network at the same time?


How to Migrate Workloads Securely, at Scale, to Free Up Servers : Migrating, Deploying, and Governing Cloud and On-Premises Workloads

  • Migrating workloads—easily, securely, with near-zero downtime—from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Optimizing hardware usage and minimizing hardware costs.
  • Moving vital, on-premises applications to the cloud—without losing the ability to move them back.


How to Achieve Full-Stack Monitoring, Cost Effectively : Switching to Automated Monitoring and Remediation—Powered by AIOps

  • Implementing full cloud monitoring without paying for additional infrastructure.
  • Extending event management into the cloud.
  • Understanding why this full-stack monitoring is critical for modern applications.


How to Maintain the User Experience When Applications Move to the Cloud : Improving the User Experience for Consumers of IT Operations as a Service

  • Maintaining the user experience when applications move to the cloud.
  • Enabling synthetic transaction monitoring to optimize your users’ cloud application experience.
  • Quickly deploying synthetic cloud application monitoring inside and outside the firewall to reduce mean-time- to-resolution and ensure application stability.


How to Manage Your Modern Network : Monitoring, Managing, and Adapting Your Distributed IT Ecosystem

  • Managing your distributed IT ecosystem while adapting to changing requirements. 
  • Overcoming classic on-premises network restraints.
  • Monitoring virtual networks across cloud and on-premises environments.



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Micro Focus Community Manager
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