New research available on Application Performance Management (APM) tools


If your needs have outpaced your current Application Performance Management (APM) tool(s), you’re in good company. According to a recent survey, more than half of IT Enterprises are planning to switch APM products over the next three years, so they can meet the growing needs of their organizations.

This new APM vendor analysis from independent research firm Research in Action (RIA) captures insights from 1,500 enterprise IT managers from around the world—all with IT Operations and DevOps roles. Find out what their top investment priorities are and see what they expect from a top-notch APM solution, to help you assess your own needs. RIA’s market predictions and trends will help you better understand where the technology is heading, and spot gap areas that need your attention.

RIA analysts ranked the top 20 global vendors by comparing offerings that met the key requirements identified in the survey, and evaluated each using weighted factors such as revenue estimates, market share, customer satisfaction, and price/value ratio. Arm yourself with the data and insights you need to whittle down the vast field of competitors to a manageable list.

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Raquel Winkler
Micro Focus Community Manager
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