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Live streaming is on the rise – a recap of the first Vivit Virtual Customer Days in December


The Virtual Customer Days in a nutshell, and what you may have missed

VCD in short - were full conference days, with 24 live sessions, or to put it another way, 20 hours of live presentations, around the latest product developments and features, as well as roadmap outlooks around the Application Delivery Management (ADM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions from Micro Focus. The sessions were presented by various global product managers, included exciting Live Roundtable discussions and live Q&A, with questions that came directly from the audience via social channels, as well as value-added presentations from partners like Accenture, Derdack, DXC Technology, Melillo Consulting, Merito, and Whitlock.

Virtual Customer Days – ITOM
On the 10th and 11th of December, everything at the ITOM Virtual Customer Days turned around the question, how new approaches to IT operations management can help IT organization to become a trusted advisor to the business—and raise the profile of I&O beyond day-to-day service management.

Read Vivit's blog and access the Customer Day Recordings

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