Navigating Digital Transformation During a Pandemic


The pandemic has been the biggest driver of DX adoption to date, so what steps should organizations take to steer the way toward a prosperous future? Derek Britton takes a look in this InformationWeek article.

When it comes to digital transformation (DX), the events of 2020 have turned operational initiatives into immediate, strategic necessities. The pandemic has become the most vocal of C-level stakeholders. A recent Forbes article commented, “COVID-19 will be remembered for many things and what’s becoming indisputable is how it is rapidly transforming business.”

The pandemic has caused organizations to accelerate DX targets this year. Face-to-face retailers had to pivot to web traders overnight or close their doors for good. The hospitality sector transformed from restaurants to take-out vendors, while entire supply chains regenerated from scratch. Coffee shops in commercial districts shut down, while manufacturers of bicycles, family-friendly coffee machines and home gym equipment have never been busier.

Read the full article here.

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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